Concept. Story. Design. Construction. We do it all.

We Bring Your Escape Room Fantasy To Life!

  • Scriptwriting and Design of Gaming Room (new scenario or update your existing room)
  • Expert Advice on building material selection and equipment.
  • Exact Specifications followed to the letter: we provide detailed description, drafts, 3d model and visualization (upon request)
  • Imaginative, Detailed Props, Design, and Professional Sound Effects
  • Engineering Solutions of any complexity  (from single, one-room units to complex multi-stage systems) 
  • Software Development for Devices
  • Damage-resistant props (crucial for ‘real’ escape games)
  • Quest-Control Programs 
  • In-house Production Capacity 
  • Turn-key Ready Quests 


Our Experienced, Creative Production Team Designs and Produces Props and Room Constructions of Virtually Any Complexity!

 Our Facilities Capabilities Include:

1.    Laser and milling cutting/etching  (CNC type, sheet materials)

2.    Work with chipboard/particleboard, including laminated one

3.    Plastic Molding 

4.    Thermoforming

5.    Simple Printing and UV Printing

6.    Cutout Tapes and Tape Inlay

7.    Lighting and Backlighting (LED and Glow-lamp)

8.    Electromagnetic/ Electromechanical locks

9.    Painting, Design Execution to your specifications.

Entrust Us With Your Vision:  

Our innovative, unique, durable, and safe puzzles and brainteasers last for years of fun.