Building escape quests

Real escape games are currently extremely popular in the US, and around the world. They offer a unique experience to everyone involved and as a business owner, you can be the master of your own Quest Universe, earning incredible profits!  

This unique business emerged at the end of 2013, and these intellectual games quickly attracted millions of participants, creating an amazing opportunity for a relatively small investment. Every week brings new players, looking for cool, challenging Escape Quests!   For an entrepreneur with a bit of space and imagination, this is a goldmine. Let us help you find the treasure.

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How to start Real Escape business

“Indestroom” company turns a difficult project development into an easily marketable, realistic, feasible task:

  1. Engineering is probably the most time-consuming stage, which can hardly be done without the help of the professionals. We brilliantly solve technical problems of various degrees of complexity offering unique solutions.
  2. Scenario. Quest with boring scenario won't shoot. But we already have a solution for your room and your budget. Don’t have a lot of money? We will see how to simplify it.
  3. Atmosphere. We will recommend how to save money on construction and avoid mistakes. Programmers will add magic to the puzzles, designers will tackle décor, and an audio producer will add fabulous effects.
  4. Marketing. Quest cannot be found without an advertisement! It takes time and costs a lot of money to find highly efficient and multiply tested advertising channels. Our marketing experts will develop an advertisement campaign for you!

Building with an experience

We are a full cycle production company. Creating a quest room, starting from scripts, development of engineering solutions of any degree of complexity and finishing with construction – we are ready to offer all that at an affordable price. Solid experience and team of professionals tested “in battle” become a guarantee of delivered expectations.

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